About Us

The 4th Avenue Rug gallery a San Diego handmade Rug company only sells handmade rugs! For centuries rugs have been made , sold, traded and traveled over the silk rug which spanned from Turkey to China with the different cultures influencing the patterns and symbols and colors of the rug. According to this theory the art of carpet-weaving in Iran is at least 3500 years old.



Handmade Rugs

The owner, Arman Jodiri is a second generation rug expert from Iran. His father Mr. Jodiri Sr. has been in the handmade rug industry well over 50 yrs in Tehran, Iran. His goal was to bring to San Diego unique, high quality handmade rugs. You can now experience the beauty of this special artwork for your floor bringing color and culture into your every–day life.

Hand Selected Rugs

storeOur rugs were hand selected from the weaver’s loom and village markets In Iran and other countries. Bringing the fruits of his labor to the San Diego home décor scene, Arman and the 4th Avenue Rug Gallery have developed a loyal following of homeowner, collectors ,interior designers ,museums and admirers of beauty who come to patronize his store.


Our store only sells handmade rugs. We sell retail, wholesale, do appraisals, cleanings, repairs and work with insurance companies if there has been rugs damaged because of water or fire. We have shipped over the years to every state and other countries. Do come to visit our store we would love to serve you!


2400 Kettner Blvd. Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92101

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